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Creating a Data Dictionary in GPS Pathfinder Office


Creating a Data Dictionary in GPS Pathfinder Office

This is a document describing the process of creating a Data Dictionary with the Data Dictionary utility in GPS Pathfinder office.

The data dictionary is a guide to your field data collection when using TerraSync software. The data dictionary utility is used to create features and assign them attribute fields that will contain the needed data.

This document will outline how to create a point feature and then assign it a variety of attribute types, including: menu, text, numeric, date, and check box. The guide will also cover conditional attributes. This will allow you to further customize your data collection by only allowing certain actions to take place under set conditions.

See Attachment.

Creating-a-Data-Dictionary-using-GPS-Pathfinder-Office-Software.pdf Creating-a-Data-Dictionary-using-GPS-Pathfinder-Office-Software.pdf

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