First time connection to desktop computer

Before connecting the rugged handheld computer to a desktop computer, verify that you have the needed connection software (with drivers) installed. Such software may be one of the following.

Microsoft Windows Mobile Device Center (WMDC, used for connecting Windows Mobile/CE devices to Windows Vista/7, older version comes pre-install in Vista)
Microsoft ActiveSync (used for connecting Windows Mobile/CE devices to Windows XP/2000/98)

Additional or alternative custom connection/synchronization software may be needed, such as one or more of the following from Juniper Systems.

IntuiTrace desktop manager
Everglade- EvDesktop utility
FRS Suite Manager
Datalink for FRS
Datalink for Windows

Once the proper connection/synchronization drivers and/or software has/have been installed, follow the instructions provided with the software to connect. Often the connection process is as simple as just connecting the USB Client cable (and maybe clicking a software button/icon). Connecting via serial cable, Bluetooth, Infrared (IrDA), or some other method may require additional steps such as those provided at the following links.

Bluetooth ActiveSync/WMDC setup
Serial cable connection to ActiveSync
Infrared connection to ActiveSync (older Allegro models only)