Running slow or locking up

Occasionally, software programs or the operating system on a device may cease to respond, leaving the device in a state where it cannot be used until some or all software programs are closed or the operating system is reset. Some possible solutions are mentioned below.

Applications or Tasks Manager

Try opening the Applications or Task Manager on the Field PC to stop applications or end tasks. Follow the instructions below:

On the Archer Field PC-

Press the Applications Manager button (shown below) to display the Applications Manager window.
Application Manager Button
Tap on the applications to highlight the ones you would like to stop, and then tap on the Stop button.
To stop all currently running applications, tap on the Stop All button.

On the Allegro Field PC-

Press the Task Manager (Start) button.
Tap on the tasks to highlight the ones you would like to end, and then tap on the End Task button.

Reset the Device

Try resetting the device by pressing and holding the On/Off key for 5-10 seconds until the screen flashes off briefly and the device resets.

Install Latest Updates

There may be a new operating system release or patch available for your Field PC. To check for updates, please visit the Archer Updates website or Allegro Updates website.

Restore System or Set Factory Defaults

For instructions on how to restore the system on the Allegro Field PC to a previously saved state, please visit our Allegro Restore System website.

For instructions on how to set the Field PC to factory default settings, please visit our Allegro Set Factory Defaults website or Archer Clean Boot website.