Handheld computer will not turn on

If the handheld computer will not turn on, try the following solutions.

Check battery and charger
Reset the software (warm boot)
Reset the hardware and restore the software (cold boot)
Load the Boot Menu and restore the software (cold boot)
Check the touchscreen and keypad
Send to Repair Center

Check battery and charger

Make sure the battery has enough charge to boot up the Field PC. Also make sure the charging cable or docking station is actually providing enough power to charge the Field PC.

If you are using an Allegro Field PC, you may want to use a voltmeter to make sure the battery is outputting close to 3.6 volts. If the power output is less than 3.4 volts, you may need to purchase a replacement battery.

Maintain the battery by plugging in the Field PC (or placing in the Power Dock) every night and weekend.

Reset the software (Warm Boot)

Press and hold the Power Button (On/Off key) for 5-7 seconds. If a Power Button menu appears, release the Power Button and tap Reset from the Power Button menu. If a "Warm Reset Detected" screen appears on an Allegro CX Field PC, release the On/Off key. The display should flash and the Field PC should begin to reset.

Reset the hardware and restore the software (Cold Boot)

You can try pressing and holding the Power Button (On/Off Key) for 20 seconds. If you encounter a "Power Button" menu or a "Warm Reset Detected" screen, continue to hold the Power Button until the Field PC resets automatically. This should reset the hardware and restore the software (cold boot), causing the display to flash and the Field PC to begin reloading the operating system.

If the above solution does not help or does not apply to your Field PC model, please follow the instructions on our website at:

Remove Power and Restore System

Load the Boot Menu and restore the software (cold boot) (Allegro only)

If you are using an Allegro CX or older model Field PC, press and hold the On/Off and Shift keys for 5-7 seconds (may need to release On/Off key but keep pressing the Shift key) just until the Boot Menu screen appears. Once you are at the Boot Menu, highlight Cold Boot and press Enter.

Check the Touchscreen and Keypad

Make sure nothing is pressing against the touchscreen like a field carrying case or a worn, creased, or shriveled screen protector sheet while trying to turn the Field PC on. Also, make sure the area around the keys are free of debris. If you are using an Allegro Field PC, make sure no key is stuck under the plastic keyboard bezel (which you can lift using the notch at the bottom) or a keyboard label overlay.

Examine your touchscreen for wear or damage. If there is a dent or scrape in the outer layer of the touchscreen, the unit will need to be returned for repair. Please fill out our online RMA Request Form.

If you found an issue with the touchscreen or keypad and were able to fix it, reset the system by pressing and holding the On/Off key for 5-7 seconds until the display goes dark. The Field PC reboots after a few seconds.

If the Field PC still does not turn on after trying these solutions, try the following:

Plug a wall charger directly into the Field PC charge port instead of using the dock.
Replace the battery with one that is known to be good and fully charged.
Charge the battery pack for at least two hours.
Remove the battery and wall charger for 20 minutes.