Configure Archer with Hemisphere XF101 for GPS/GIS applications

The XF101 is a Hemisphere Crescent GPS receiver with default settings originally configured more for automated GPS guidance and control (such as agriculture aerial spray application (crop dusting)). These default settings most often do not output enough NMEA data necessary for most general handheld GPS/GIS applications such as ESRI Arcpad and others as listed at the following webpage.


To configure the Archer Field PC with Hemisphere XF101 extended cap for use with general handheld GPS/GIS and other applications that allow GPS input, follow the instructions below.


If you do not have the Hemisphere PocketMAX software installed, it can be downloaded from their website at the following webpage.


Download and save a version for "mobile devices" or "Windows Mobile". Newer versions may require that you install the Microsoft .NET Compact Framework (CF) such as from the links at the following webpage.


Extract the PocketMAX file(s) before installing. Some versions require an install program (such as a CAB file) that you copy to then run on the Archer for installation before PocketMAX will then appear in the Programs listing, while other versions are simply an executable that you copy to then run directly on the Archer through File Explorer (never does appear under the Archer's Programs listing). Detailed install instructions (such as in a ReadMe.txt file) may be included with the extracted download files. Basic instructions are provided below.


  1. Connect the Archer Field PC to your computer via ActiveSync/WMDC.
  2. Click on the Explore or Browse Mobile Device button in Activesync/WMDC to display the Mobile device file structure.
  3. Copy the PocketMAX EXE or CAB file from your desktop PC to the Archer “My Windows Mobile Device” file folder. Click ‘OK’ if a notification appears stating that the file needs to be converted for a mobile device.
  4. Disconnect the Archer from the desktop PC.
  5. (If the XF101 is already installed on the Archer skip to step 7) Suspend the Archer. Carefully insert and attach the XF101 CF Card Module to the Archer Field PC. Attach the XF101 GPS Module to the CF Card Module.
  6. Resume the Archer Field PC. Click "Dismiss" if ever a "New Modem Detected" message appears (such as whenever resuming from suspend).
  7. Open the File Explorer on the Archer. Navigate to the “My Device” folder. Tap on the PocketMax file to launch the installer or simply run the program (depending on the version). As previously noted, you may also need to install the latest Microsoft .NET Compact Framework.
  8. After successfully running the PocketMAX software:
    • Select Serial Port Settings:
      • Port: COM2 (other settings may sometimes force it to COM3)
      • Baud Rate: 57600
  9. Click “Search” to connect.
  10. Once connected, select the receiver type at the bottom of the screen “Hemisphere GPS” and click OK.
  11. Select the SETUP tab.
  12. Select ALL OFF on the top left of the screen. This resets all the NMEA messages to OFF.
  13. Select the NMEA protocol data packet messages needed by your handheld GPS/GIS application. Below are some of the most common settings needed, which should be applied in the ‘this port’ column.
Bin95 OFF
Bin96 OFF
Baudrate 57600
  1. Tap OK in the upper-right of the screen.
  2. Choose the option “Exit and Save” to configure the receiver. The configuration screen will show the configuration progress. When complete, select CLOSE.
  3. The receiver should now be configured properly. These steps can be repeated if necessary to change settings if needed.


Microsoft GPS Manager (Intermediary driver)

It is most often recommended to configure and use the Microsoft GPS Manager, which can prevent issues such as with app software not being able to access the GPS receiver immediately after a suspend/resume (which can cause ESRI Arcpad to crash). Refer to the article at:


Additional information is provided at: